June 2019

Message from Matthew Gordon, creator of StreamTime:

To all future StreamTimers,

The beginning is so exciting!

I assume it's your passion for gaming and the desire to improve that brought you here.

Thank you for visiting my site to learn about why StreamTime needs talented people like you!

People are important. All people. Your success is my success.

I felt the desire for studio services and went for it, full speed ahead.

A combination of my own tech experience and innovations realized by testing hardware and software systems over the past three decades:

  • professional IT user support, infrastructure, security, networks and enterprise resource integrations
  • assorted computer-based simulations
  • console-gaming
  • designing scratch-built computer systems, customized operating systems, customized interface devices and controllers
  • utilizing cloud-based application programming interfaces
  • coding automation scripts across networks, operating systems and platforms
  • programming the latest "Internet of Things" sensors and devices
  • audio/visual compilations of raw data into finished files ready to publish
  • designing Android and iOS mobile device applications

Time spent learning, testing, and compiling StreamTime into a complete experience, adding team interaction to develop the ideal production studio.

StreamTime delivers the highest quality introduction to performance gameplay, and has the social benefits of working with a team to make progress together.

I'm excited for the local community of gamers and the City of New Baltimore.

Thanks for being you.

Matthew Gordon, Principal of mFiRSTS.com

mFiRSTS.com is a small business registered with the State of Michigan since 2017

Mission: To maintain a simple approach to technology with logical applications in real situations. Focus on technology that affects our quality of life. Possess a tireless interest for continuous improvement.