Team PGP Tryouts

StreamTime delivers the highest quality introduction to performance gameplay, and has the social benefits of working as a team to make progress together.

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StreamTime's Performance Gaming Progression Team

"We focus on all the non-gameplay issues so you can perform at the highest level."

Round 1 Tryouts Rules and Guide:

An introduction to performance gameplay in a professional studio

Potentials pick a persona/character to play as they perform game sequences

StreamTime provides 1-2 hours of studio time for the following:

  • Meet studio staff
  • Conduct orientation for first-time studio guests
  • Connect hardware to StreamTime station
  • First-hand interview with Heavy
  • Creative Meeting to finalize script
  • Character interview and background story
  • Test capture to check StreamTime telemetry and audio levels
  • Performance of Character and Game Sequence
  • playback replay videos to capture different perspectives
  • Scout completes Tryout at or around 1 hour mark of session
  • StreamTime post-processes the videos into a high-quality audition
  • Files are shared with Scout and accessible from any device

Step 1. Tryouts - Bring your own console gaming setup and your creativity.

You don't have to ace your audition

to make Team PGP!

Step 2. Relax and have fun - You're allowed to tryout again with another game or another character

Step 3. Get called-back - If you're selected for Team PGP, Heavy will make contact to offer a slot on the Team*

Step 4. Progress - Grow together as Team PGP by

attending StreamTime Workshops**

In compliance with our rules for Tryouts, members will be selected to fill the following, multi-talented roles:

  • Scout - responsible for creating improvisation, gameplay sequences and providing thoughtful commentary according to Heavy's script; attend workshops that progress your StreamTime Skills Set
  • Healer - connects devices, consoles, controllers, headsets; adjusts station to capture scenes; ensures ergonomic fit to Scout; troubleshoots technical issues with Engineer; attend workshops that progress your StreamTime Skills Set
  • Engineer - responsible for monitoring the gameplay station's telemetry and reviewing raw data to ensure quality of captured audio/video sequences; protects the safety and interests of StreamTime, members of Team PGP, and registered guests; participation in StreamTime workshops
  • Heavy - ensures the Scout, Healer, and Engineer have all they need; conducts StreamTime workshops; protects the safety and interests of StreamTime, members of Team PGP, registered guests and the general public, if possible

Team PGP Members will be multi-talented and able to fulfill at least 2 roles at the same time. Advantages of our stations allow easily switching roles and responsibilities.

*Rules and restrictions apply

**Team members are required to attend workshops with activities that sometimes DO NOT include playing video games

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